Frequently asked questions

What is is a unique service for monetizing your website or for increasing your sales by using push-notifications. With our service, you can increase your profits by at least 30-50%.

How do push-notifications work?

Push-notifications are short system messages sent to a mobile phone, or directly to users' computers, an example of messages you can see on the main page of our site.>

How do I make money on Pushex?

After you insert code to your website, you start collecting the subscriber database, then our system starts sending out advertising messages to subscribers according to your preferences by category and sending frequency. You earn 80% Revenue Share from each click.

Does this type of monetization affect search engine rankings?

Broad test on different websites have shown that all types of subscription windows do not affect the position of your site in search results.

Which site categories are accepted?

At the moment, there are no restrictions on website category.

How do I start?

Create an account, add your website and install the code on it according to the instructions. Adjust the the subscription window, select the sending frequency and the degree of monetization. You are ready to go!

How much will I earn?

Your income depends on the quality of your traffic and the geography of visitors. On average, you can earn from $1200 per month with a 10,000 visitors per day website, after about 2-3 months (profit increases as your subscriber database grows).

What if I don't have a website?

Especially for you, we have developed a system of landing pages to work with your traffic. When you create a project, just select «Landing», select the domain and name you like from the drop-down list, or park your own. Choose one of the suggested subscription pages, or contact us for a personalized solution. All is ready! You can send traffic to your new landing page.

Can I make money in Facebook or Youtube?

Yes! You can create a subscription page for your Facebook Page or a Youtube channel as a «Landing page» and make money with our monetization system, or send your own ads.

Can I send my own ads to my database of subscribers?

Yes! You can manage your website monetization by combining the your own ads and ads provided by in any ratio you like.

What is a Premium option?

The Premium is a special option for commercial websites and online shops, which allows you to disconnect Pushex monetization system and use the system to promote your own ads. With the premium option you get such features as «Postponed messages», «User segmentation», «Autoresponder series», «Personalization» and other - see on Pushex Premium page.

How much is Pushex Premium?

Pushex Premium is completely free, you can switch any of your projects to Premium in the settings.

Which browsers support push-notifications?

All browsers based on Chrome, Firefox and Opera are supported. There is currently no support for Safari or Apple devices.

Do you have an referral program?

Yes! You can earn from 3% referral income, attracting new users to To participate in the affiliate program, register and get your affiliate link in the "Referrals" section.

What is minimum payout?

The minimum payout is $1. Payment can be received via Webmoney, ePayments or Bank Wire.